Nerve Control 911 Reviews

Nerve Control 911 is one of the most popular dietary supplements for nerve pain and central nervous system (CNS) dysfunction. The product is manufactured by Phytage Labs and is described as a “Central Nervous System Protection Formula” that “reduces nervous system inflammation.”

In this article we’ll review the ingredients in Nerve Control 911 based on medical research to determine if it’s likely to be effective and safe for the stated health claims. We’ll also highlight some ethical issues we have with what Phytage Labs considers “clinical research” backing its supplement.

What is Nerve Control 911?

There are many health supplements available that promote nerve-calming. It promotes relief from multiple neurological health problems like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and many others. The central nervous system defines the functioning of the brain and spinal cord. This supplement helps to improve the performance of the brain and spinal cord. Relief from inflammation, stress, and anxiety are promoted with this product. Nerve Control 911 is used by hundreds of people and gets amazing results in improving the overall health of the body.  

This supplement may help to improve mental health problems too. Joint and muscle pain and inflammation can be reduced with this supplement. It may help to improve the performance of connective tissues. Better blood circulation can be improved with this supplement. 

How Does Nerve Control 911 Work?

The working performance of any supplement should be known by the users before using it. Most supplements do not perform healthy functioning of the nerve cells therefore, the natural formula can help to deal with nerve functioning. This supplement helps to reduce burning, tingling, and stabbing pain from nerves. Inflammation and swelling can be reduced using this wonderful supplement. Blood pressure and anxiety problems can be reduced using this amazing supplement. Reflexes and voluntary movements can be controlled using this amazing formula. 

Nerve signals can be maintained with this perfect product. Insomnia can also have side effects to the body which may lead to nerve problems. Therefore, this product may help to get better sleep. Diabetes can be controlled by regulating the blood sugar level of the body.  

This supplement is a solution to various health problems related to nerve functioning. It may improve blood flow to all the parts of the body to improve nerve health. That's the working system of the Nerve Control 911. It is an amazing way to deal with health problems and get healthy nerves functioning.

Nerve Control 911 Supplement Ingredients?

In order to create all of these effects, PhytAge Laboratories includes the following ingredients in Nerve Control 911:

California Poppy

This herb is beneficial for curing illnesses like aches, insomnia, nervous agitation, and liver and bladder illness. When California Poppy is mixed with other herbs, it cures nerve pain, mood, and sleep disorders. It also helps in treating blood vessel issues.

When mixed with other ingredients of the Nerve Control 911, this natural herb helps soothe painful hands, feet, toes, and fingers. It also helps in decreasing inflammation in the muscles.

Corydalis Yanhusuo

This medicinal herb contains a prime compound called dehydrocorybulbine (DHCB). This compound is extracted from the roots of the plant. It helps in decreasing neuropathic and inflammatory pain.

This herb functions in the same way as the prescribed medications for pain. It doesn’t allow the pain signals to reach the brain.

Unlike artificial medications, one doesn’t have to worry about addiction to this medicine. It soothes the sore feet and hands. It reduces the stress on the muscles and helps in getting healthy sleep.

Passion Flower

Anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation can be reduced with this supplement. Diabetes can be reduced with this ingredient. It supports the functioning of neurotransmitters. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are given to the body with this ingredient. It is one of the main ingredients in the product. 

Prickly Pear

 Prickly pear cactus is also known as opuntia and nopal. It is well known for its medicinal properties for curing high cholesterol, hangovers, obesity, and diabetes. It also has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

This cactus consists of antioxidants that prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. Hence it helps in minimizing stress.

Marshmallow Root

It helps to improve digestive, respiratory, and skin conditions. It provides relief from inflammation and chronic pain. Irritation, respiratory problems, digestion, and some other problems can be cured using this ingredient. 

Benefits of Nerve Control 911

PhytAge Laboratories has created a groundbreaking protection formula for the central nervous system that contains the best all-natural ingredients you'll ever find. Unlike other so-called solutions on the market today, Nerve Control 911™ has superior benefits that also come along with it.

Improves the body's muscles

Controls voluntary movements and reflexes

Transmits the information to and from the central nervous system to the rest of the body

Sends nerve signals to the organs and muscles

Assists with visual perception

Reduces Inflammation

Lowers Anxiety and Blood Pressure

What are the side effects we get with this supplement? 

No side effects are experienced by people with this product. This product may help to reduce inflammation and pain of the nerves. Nervous system functioning can be improved with this product. The overall functioning of the brain and body can be improved with this supplement.

How can we use this supplement? 

Using this product is easy for everyone. One should take two pills of the product and consume it with warm water. A healthy diet and exercise should be continued with the product for effective and healthy results. Avoid overdose of the pills as it may give side effects to the body. Use it as suggested, if it is not used as given then it may not give positive results.

Pros and Cons of Using Nerve Control 911

An important piece of information to be shared in this nerve control 911 review is the pros and cons of nerve control 911.


The pros of using nerve control 911 in your diet are listed below:

  • Nerve control 911 is made up of natural ingredients and all these ingredients help to regulate the nervous system without posing any disadvantages.
  • You can achieve significant results or refund the supplement within 90 days.
  • Helps to regulate the flow of blood in our body.
  • Safest used supplement.
  • The supplement improves the overall health of the body by improving and promoting the nervous system.
  • With a glass of water, you can take the supplement on regular days.
  • In case you have been subjected to a disease or injury, your health will improve with regular intake of nerve control 911 and it will prevent your body to suffer from other diseases as well.
  • The supplement improves vision.
  • Helps to regulate sleep cycles and improves insomnia.
  • The supplement can also increase the memory and focus of the user.


Nerve control 911 is a unique blend of health-boosting ingredients with no or a few harmful effects. Still, there are some precautions or cons associated with the supplement.

These cons are listed below:

  • Avoid the excessive intake of the supplement as it can affect the health of the user greatly.
  • Women who are pregnant must avoid its intake.
  • Keep it out of children’s range.

Where to Buy Nerve Control 911 and How Much Does It Cost?

Nerve Control 911 formula, the only place that it is available is on the official website. Users who want to save the most money may choose the four-bottle package since each bottle’s total cost drops as the quantity goes up.

Currently, there are three packages, which are:

  • One bottle for $69.95
  • Two bottles for $119.90
  • Four bottles for $199.80

Each bottle of Nerve Control 911 provides users with enough of the formula to last through an entire month. If the user finds that this formula does not improve their central nervous system’s health, they have up to 90 days to request a refund from the creators.

Conclusion: Nerve Control 911

Nerve Control 911 helps adults of all ages to improve their central nervous system. Made by PhytAge Laboratories and offered at, Nerve Control 911 users can get the support that their body needs to keep better control over their central nervous system. The formula only includes a few ingredients, but they all make a big impact on the user’s health. There’s no prescription required, and it is just as safe as a multivitamin.

The ingredients used in this supplement are 100% natural, and many of them have been used as an alternative way to treat nerve pain and inflammation for many years. One can always give a shot to this product to cure nerve pain as it offers a complete refund and also credits an additional $100 to the account upon customer dissatisfaction. The generous free shipping and money-back guarantee being offered on the Nerve Control 911 website help to further sweeten the deal for potential new customers. If you’re interested in trying alternative medicine to address your nerve damage and pain, Nerve Control 911 might be a fantastic place to start.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nerve Control 911

Is nerve control 911™ safe?

Nerve Control 911™ is as safe as a daily multi-vitamin. It is not a medication. It’s a natural product that is safe to use for healthy men and women. However, if you currently have a medical condition or are taking medication, I would show a bottle to your doctor or pharmacist before taking. Pregnant women and youth under 18 should not use.

When should I take Nerve Control 911™?

The creators recommend taking two capsules of the supplement every day to make a difference. However, there is no particular time of day that the serving should be taken, Emma, and no meal is required for better digestion.

How long after taking Nerve Control 911™ will I feel the full effects?

We recommend giving the product a trial run of at least 90 days for best results, but you should be feeling its effects within 7 days.

How quickly will I get Nerve Control 911™ and how will it be shipped?

When you order today, Nerve Control 911™ will be shipped to your home or office within 7 business days by UPS/FedEx or USPS.

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